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4 is the quantity of months we have till we move to our dream house
What if numbers were memories, symbols of love, secret significations? 
What if we played around a little and deciphered love letters with 
forgotten symbols? There is a myriad of mix and matches we can create 
with 10 numbers. Maybe it’s the date of your very first encounter? The 
number of years you’ve sent together? The total amount of countries 
you’ve visited? The number of kids you already have?
Make it a special gift, a little game to play, a little secret to solve. 
Let your imagination create a combination of numbers and let your 
beloved one decipher the signification of your creation on Valentine’s 
Day. Because what is love without a little unexpected surprise?
Lengh of chain 70 cm

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The writing used for each jewel is totally unique as it’s based on Emilie’s own handwriting.

Each jewel has a six-month warranty. Should anything happen to your Thea Jewel, all you need to do is contact us via email and we will happily make any necessary repairs.


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