The movie

What if all of your life’s greatest moments became jewels? Our lives are like a movie, every scene - a magic moment. Laughter. Tears. Heart Beats. Things and feelings that make each our lives unique… A name, a memory, a date, a word that tells a story or has a signification to you or a loved one, anything can become a Thea Jewel. Life goes on, and it passes faster than we can imagine, so what are we waiting for to celebrate our precious moments ?

Thea Jewelry

The designer

Emilie Duchene is a mother of three, passionate about fashion, entrepreneurship, aesthetics and personalization from an early age. Native from Belgium, once she obtained her fashion designer degree at 10 years old, it is in Paris that she started her career by combining her creative enthusiasm with brands such as Isabel Marant, Dior Joaillerie, Christian Dior and Christian Lacroix.
Later on, she worked in the editorial offices of ELLE, Paris Match, L’Officiel and participated in the launch of Glamour. Back in Brussels, she directed the communication of several fashion houses and launched her blog. In a very short notice, she became an it girl in Belgium.
In 2011, she gave birth simultaneously to her first daughter and her new business « Thea Jewelry » to combine her maternity to the engraving of life’s big experiences. Then begins a relentless adventure around a line of fine gold and silver jewelry, where each creation is unique. Today, Emilie divides her time between her family life, the development of Thea Jewelry which has become an international brand, her role as coach with young entrepreneurs and that of ambassador of the Belgian NGO Memisa.

Our story

Celebration of life: the reason Emilie Duchêne created her line of personalized jewelry in November 2011, the arrival of her first-born daughter Thea. Hand made luxury jewelry, with her handwriting to make her line unique. She wants you to mark your moments, your encounters that make your life special. Trendy jewelry that can be ordered online that are carved – in gold or silver – with a word of your choice, a heart or a star in gold, set with white or black diamonds, or colored stones. Since 2014, the collection consists of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and cufflinks. For women, men and children who love to celebrate life.

Thea Jewelry
Thea Jewelry

Our jewels

Thea jewels are unique, custom-made in recycled 18K gold, silver or silver layered, handmade in a workshop with a unique “know-how”. You can choose the color of the gold: white, yellow or pink, or the color of silver: white or pink. Each jewel can be set with white or black diamonds or even colored stones, either entirely or on your chosen letter(s). You may also add some classic symbols such as a heart, a star or the infinity sign. The written character – font – is Emilie’s handwriting, making it unique. Once the jewel is ready it is sent to you in a luxurious and elegant package. Celebration of life and its moments should be a priority!

Our stones

The colored stones were selected in collaboration with Chloé Sarasota, a gemologist specialized in the energy of crystals, who has also developed a line of cosmetics that incorporates the powerful energy contained in the mineral ingredients. Nasoha’s line includes elixirs and mineral balms, as well as crystal bath salts.
In addition to the stones’ energetic qualities, they can also compliment your outfits and adapt to your moods. And did you know that they are also said to channel energy, bring good luck and cure certain ails? Nasoha is closely involved in ecological, environmental and humanitarian projects. Chloé supports several organizations, including “The Prem Rawat Foundation”.
Since Nasoha’s establishment, sales of Quartz Rose elixirs have offered children in Senegal the chance to go to school, whereas sales of the Sapphire elixir go towards the protection of elephants in Thailand, a noble initiative that moved the Thea team deeply and led to this collaboration.

Chloé Sarasola