Our Muses

For almost 10 years now, Thea has been inspired by friends, colleagues, mothers, encounters and stories.

These women are our muses: They inspire us and write Thea's story every day. Sunny, gentle, sensitive and generous, together, these muses represent the soul behind Thea. They embody diversity, difference, life. They have, by their values, directly or indirectly, made Thea grow and evolve. They have carried and accompanied the brand on new adventures and challenges. They are simple and true, they sow benevolence and blow a wind of positivity on their path. Open-minded, unfiltered, dreamy or adventurous, they embody the modern woman.

For all these reasons, for who they are and what they offer, Thea has decided to introduce you to these women every month, during an Instagram live. This way, you will be able to better discover them, identify or simply get inspired

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This month, Thea’s muse is Clémentine. She has decided to give up an already well- established career to embark on a more meaningful adventure: helping women to better live their motherhood, to rediscover their inner power. She shares mother’s daily life with their moments of joys and hard times.

In addition of being entrepreneur, Clémentine is sunny, authentic, strong and inspiring. She willingly shares the new, incredible adventure that her podcast brings to life. Her advice and listening skills are a precious help for every mom seeking for support or inspiration.

For Thea, Clémentine represents perfectly what it is like to be in the rightful place in life as a woman and a mother. She is a real power mum.