Our Muses

For almost 10 years now, Thea has been inspired by friends, colleagues, mothers, encounters and stories.

These women are our muses: They inspire us and write Thea's story every day. Sunny, gentle, sensitive and generous, together, these muses represent the soul behind Thea. They embody diversity, difference, life. They have, by their values, directly or indirectly, made Thea grow and evolve. They have carried and accompanied the brand on new adventures and challenges. They are simple and true, they sow benevolence and blow a wind of positivity on their path. Open-minded, unfiltered, dreamy or adventurous, they embody the modern woman.

For all these reasons, for who they are and what they offer, Thea has decided to introduce you to these women every month, during an Instagram live. This way, you will be able to better discover them, identify or simply get inspired

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This month, Thea’s muse is Clémentine. She has decided to give up an already well- established career to embark on a more meaningful adventure: helping women to better live their motherhood, to rediscover their inner power. She shares mother’s daily life with their moments of joys and hard times.

In addition of being entrepreneur, Clémentine is sunny, authentic, strong and inspiring. She willingly shares the new, incredible adventure that her podcast brings to life. Her advice and listening skills are a precious help for every mom seeking for support or inspiration.

For Thea, Clémentine represents perfectly what it is like to be in the rightful place in life as a woman and a mother. She is a real power mum.

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MOM I’M FINE PROJECT is a wild challenge that Jonathan Kubben set for himself in 2018: that of building schools entirely made out of recycled plastic in his home country, Mexico. Throughout this project, Jonathan wishes to make sure that children with sensitive socio-economic backgrounds are given the possibility to learn, broad their minds and attend arts classes.

For Emilie Duchêne, the founder of Thea, her involvement in this project was downright obvious. Mother of three, the creator sees in this project the opportunity to make use of her visibility to serve human, benevolent projects. School is also a subject which affects Emilie personally who, like any other mom, has a particularly soft spot for projects relating to development.

In October, Thea reveals its reborn program, a renewal from all levels (materials, delivery, packaging) and demonstrates that luxury and eco-friendliness can be compatible. For Thea, creating in celebration of solidarity and respect, combined with finery, is a heart-led mission. In this month devoted to rebirth, what could matter more than giving birth to a new school?

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In 2017, Sophie's life took a bold new turn. She quitted her job in the fashion industry and embarked on a full-time, crazy and passionate entrepreneurial adventure: The Good Mood Class was born!

Sophie defines herself as a well-being researcher. Through her « Good Mood Classes », she travels around cbcities to help the world reactive its good mood. She is convinced of one thing: Good Mood is communicative and it is what the world needs.

On September 3rd, Sophie Trem unveiled her book titled the Good Mood Class. She reveals five keys to encourage positive thinking and brighten up life in a simple and effective way. Her inspiring book also contains numerous exercices, testimonials and mantras to be used on a daily basis.

In November, Thea celebrates the Power of NOW, an invitation to reconnect with yourself, your present. Sophie’s contagious sunny and positive personality inspires Thea. She knows how to reactive good mood and there is one thing Thea is sure: Sophie’s inspiring philosophy and tips can help everyone to savor time, this precious present.

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During the whole month of December, Lily Samii will be our muse. She will share her adventure and tell us more about her diary: @the_gratitude_list

After 6 years in London and the start of her career with a Belgian brand, this young Iranian born in Belgium recently embarked on the great adventure that is entrepreneurship. Her personal story inspires a diary full of kindness and positivity.

Her mantra: Bringing joy and well-being to people wherever they are. @The Gratitude List, takes you on a journey of self-discovery. She created a universal tool to elevate who you are, help you become the person you want to be and create a life you love.
Lily inspires Thea by her gentleness, optimism and her way of approaching life. She spreads love and gratitude on her path. There is one thing Thea is sure, Lily epitomizes the "Feel Good attitude" and will be, in December, an inspiring guide to look at life with a grateful mind.

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In February, we headed for France and more precisely for Paris, where the designer Emilie Duchêne never ceases to draw her inspiration. To mark the occasion, she unveils a great collaboration with Marie Faure-Ambroise, a true Parisian but also a true nomad at heart. The beginning of a new adventure for the two women.

« Travelling is one of my great passions! During my family getaways, I always trust the confidential advice and addresses found by Marie. With her, adventure is just around the corner, always off the beaten path. I love her energy, her very intimate and personal way of sharing her unique experiences with humor and generosity. I met her for the first time on a terrace in Paris. With a glass of wine in hand, we immediately found a thousand things in common. We share the same energy, the same desire to live madly, to simply be free. For me, she embodies adventure, the real thing, with a capital A! Exactly, that's the theme of this month. »

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After growing up in France and starting a career in communication, Alice decided to change her life and moved to Florence in 2010.
Since then, this ambassador of the "Italian Joie de Vivre" tells with humor the art of living in the Italian way on her website "alidifirenze" and on her Instagram account which bears the same name.

I discovered Alice via a podcast. I love everything she does, her humor, her offbeat universe, her love for Italy. I also had the chance to run away with her to recharge my batteries. An enchanting interlude, far away from my overbooked agenda and the stresses of everyday life. Time for me, finally! Time to stroll through the streets of Venice, to discover it and myself, to eat in a divine way, to make beautiful encounters...
To find the happiness of being pampered and to let yourself live in a magical place without asking questions...

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former French model and graduate of a French business school, Constance gave up a promising career in law to become a yoga teacher in 2011, while living in Uruguay.

Now based in Cascais, Portugal, where she teaches Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga, this tall, sunny blonde seduces all who follow her with her unique style.
Multifaceted, fun and joyful, her practice is inspired by the colors of the rainbow and is transmitted during immersive retreats or simply behind a screen... The important thing is to be guided by her communicative optimism and her dynamic and creative flow.

For this particular month of April, we wanted to stop, to settle down, to focus on the essential to find a beautiful energy. And what could be cooler than to be inspired by what is done elsewhere to change our ideas and recharge our batteries?

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Christina Apostolidou was born and raised in Athens before moving to Los Angeles in 1996, where she graduated with a degree in fashion marketing. Immersed in L.A.'s street culture, she worked as a design and creative director for many major brands.
A nomad at heart, her heart still belongs to Greece where she spends about three months a year to recharge her batteries and find inspiration.

This month, I chose to put Christina in the spotlight because she is truly the buddy everyone would dream of having! Not only is she cool, super stylish, but she's also loaded with talent. Like every muse I select, her universe inspires and fascinates me. A cheerful and sunny universe that makes me travel to places where I dream of settling.
She is a real fashionista but her looks are always casual and cool at the same time. When you follow her, you really want to be part of her band!

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Virginie is a Belgian expatriate living in L.A. She is the coolest chef and FOOD influencer on Instagram.
With her super-stylish "Ralph Lauren" family, the most Belgian of all Americans inspires me with super-inspiring recipes compiled on her Insta-wall as well as in her cookbooks (sold on the Rolls of good eating sites - Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop).

Her obsession? To prove to women and men - who, like me, don't have much time to devote to the stove - that cooking healthy food without taking a lot of trouble is possible!
On the program: delicious, easy and original meals. Last but not least, she lives in Beverly Hills with her husband, three children and two dogs. Each one more perfect than the other, even the dogs! I have been one of her biggest fans since the beginning of her California adventure.
To taste it is to adopt it!

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"Working mum, as nice as accessible, Fanny Moizant embodies for me the modern business woman! At 45, this super entrepreneur lives in Hong Kong with her husband and two daughters.
Co-founder in 2009 of Vestiaire Collective, the giant of online sales and purchases of second-hand luxury goods, she is now in charge of the entire Asia-Pacific region. I am very impressed and inspired by her background but also by the tips and experiences she has gathered over the years.

When I asked her to choose the theme of the month, the word "Entreprendre" appeared to her as an obvious one... A word that resonates for her as for me as the synonym of : "dare", "freedom", "audacity", "failures" and "victory". A real engine that forces us to push our limits, to imagine new concepts that make sense, to know ourselves a little better every day. » Emilie

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Victoria is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur and influencer. During the first confinement, she launched her own brand of responsible yoga accessories and a wellness platform accessible to all.
She has been practicing yoga since 2014 and teaching it since 2017. Teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is an opportunity for her to pass on what she has been taught but also to help others who like her have gone through a difficult time. Her teaching helps us to reconnect to our bodies, to manage our emotions and to calm our minds. All this with a lot of kindness.

I love Victoria's energy. She is an honest and transparent person. She wants to change the world by spreading kindness around her. She is someone who fully assumes her wounds and that makes her all the more endearing. A big fan of Thea since the beginning, she is convinced that her jewels have a super power, each one having a very precise story.

It is a sun who shares all the values that we love in Thea.

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I fell in love with France and her ultra-practical Josefina line of bags that I first discovered on Instagram. I quickly invited her to participate in my podcast "INSPIRE" to talk about her journey and we quickly became friends.

She is cool, sunny, sharing, authentic...

In short, everything I like! We have a lot in common. We both share a love of entrepreneurship and personalization, boldness, a sense of organization, not to mention our vision of family life.

And we are both epicureans... An essential notion that is part of the DNA of our two brands