Thea x Septem

Myway - un bracelet d’esprit joyeux mais porteur d’un message fort

Thea jewlery X Septem Paris

In these early summer days, Thea Jewelry and Septem Paris are getting together to propose a jewel that is just like them: a bracelet showing a joyful look yet carrying a strong message.

“My way”, two words finely written in rose gold letters, like a binder between those two inspiring brands: Thea Jewelry, a jewelry brand whose mantra is “celebrate life more” and Septem Paris, a ready-to-wear brand specialized in jumpsuits which aims at creating clothes that will give women the strength to “take power” over their lives. This bracelet is our invitation to celebrate “your way”, in all its uniqueness and part of unforeseen, as well as the freedom you have to define its future trajectory. At your own pace, following your own rules. So, let us know... What way will you be taking this summer?

This summer, I will find my way to:

  • ❑ a job I love
  • ❑ inner peace
  • ❑ the gym
  • ❑ self-love
  • ❑ the best margaritas in town
  • ❑ the beach

Bracelet Myway