Thea X Tapage


The desire to take action for women.
To make your contribution.
To create a buzz around sensitive issues.


This was the focus of the meeting between Tapage and Thea Jewelry, sharing these values, reaching an understanding and, most importantly, the desire to create more than a piece of jewelry together.
The result was the “women” necklace: a symbol of sisterhood and mutual support for women who want to create some buzz around the issues that matter. Together, we have decided to donate all the proceeds to La Maison des Femmes de Saint-Denis, which shelters and looks after women who have been victims of physical and psychological abuse. And this is a subject that is EXTREMELY important to us.
So, are you on board?


Tapage is a magazine for women who are interested in fashion and books, who love beauty as much as news issues, for women who enjoy leisurely mornings or who change the world. Every day, in your news feed, email inbox or on your mobile phone, Tapage brings you an uplifting article, a bright and timely idea or inspiring gift suggestions.

Thea Jewelry is also a story of women. Of a mother and a daughter. Of love and efforts. Emilie, the founder of the company, is a self-made and courageous woman. Someone with eloquence and heart, spirit and style.

La Maison des Femmes is an association that shelters and looks after all vulnerable women and victims of abuse. It gives them access to doctors, psychologists, midwives, couples and family counsellors, and lawyers. Its overall aim is to break the cycle of abuse and help women rebuild their lives.

To represent this partnership, we have decided to call on someone who creates waves on Instagram: Barbara Malewicz alias @malebitch. Like us, she wanted to spread ever more widely the message of sisterhood and mutual support conveyed by our “women” necklace.