Our candle

Love is in the air...

A heartbeat and time stands still, shining eyes, the sparking of an eternal flame. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and this is the perfect time to remind ourselves of what truly matters: we need to love each other with all our heart and express our feelings.
To mark the occasion, we created a magical limited edition candle. The light of the flame casts a soft, warm glow to illuminate smiles and tender gazes on 14 February. With its fig scent, the elegant and refreshing notes of Thea Jewelry’s fragranced candle are sure to win your heart. But there is more: enclosed with each candle is a Thea Jewelry surprise - already making it an ideal gift for inquisitive pleasure-lovers. But that’s not all. Two of the candles include a voucher inviting the recipient to design a personalised item of jewellery in either silver or vermeil.

Now is the time to wish hard on your lucky star, it can make the sweetest dreams come true. A spark and everything ignites, a breath and the flames transform into stars that sparkle in lovers’ eyes.

Thea- Jewelry - La bougie