There’s nothing like brotherly love … that person who grows up with you… each year that passes is another year spent by his side.

Sometimes the relationship is complicated, sometimes you hate each other, sometimes you are very close, at other times you share sad moments.

But whatever the relationship, the link between brothers and sisters is magical and inexplicable. We share so many memories… We were brought up by the same parents, who gave us the same values. Sometimes we are very different or sometimes almost like twins, but in any case, love and affinity are always there.


I am going to study abroad after the summer holidays and my brother thought it would be a nice idea for me to think of him every day thanks to this "sister" ring. That’s why he decided to give it to me for my 18th birthday …

It is a symbol of our loving and fraternal relationship!

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-Why did you choose Thea Jewelry?

I chose Thea Jewelry because it is a unique Belgian brand offering personalised jewelry and I wanted a special gift.

- Which metal did you choose? (Gold, silver, silver gilt, etc.) and why?

My ring is in silver but as it was a gift I didn’t choose the metal or the inscription myself. I am delighted with it ;)


-  What made you fall for this piece?

My little brother wanted to give me a special gift for my 18th birthday and that’s why he chose Thea Jewelry, he knew that I like this brand.


- Lastly, do you have any other Thea jewelry on your wish list?

My wish list includes a silver bracelet with the inscription "Grandma" and a ring, also in silver, with a special date, 7/09/18 (that’s the day I am leaving to go to live abroad and I would like to have a piece of jewelry as a symbol of this difficult separation from my family).


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