Summer, your arrival turned our lives upside down, like the first rays of sunshine you made your appearance at the beginning of summer 2018… a summer which already promised to be a wonderful one.


We tried to find an English-sounding first name full of the joy of living. We hesitated between several first names and then we found Summer …

We liked it straightaway, we imagined our daughter as someone radiant and loving and who will spread happiness and the joy of being alive wherever she goes.

Also, we wanted an original first name, one that is not often heard, that’s why we decided to choose Summer.


To celebrate the arrival of our little bundle of joy, my guy had this personalised necklace made for me so that I can always keep my daughter close to me, around my neck …

We have not officially sealed our love so by giving me this piece of jewelry he wanted to celebrate the birth of our little treasure, instead of with a ring.


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-Why did you choose Thea Jewelry ?

I chose Thea Jewelry because I already own several pieces of jewelry in souvenir  of events which are important for me. I never take them off!


- Which metal did you choose? (Gold, silver, silver gilt, etc.) and why?

It’s in white gold and diamonds (at least I think so, because it’s a present)


-What made you fall for this necklace?

I left the choice up to my boyfriend, although during the pregnancy I dropped him a lot of hints. I talked about a piece of jewelry to celebrate the birth, something unique that I would always have on me and he really made the perfect choice!!!!


-Lastly, do you have any other Thea jewelry on your wish list?

My Thea jewelry collection is pretty full so for the moment I don’t know yet what will be the next piece, but I’m sure there will be one ;)


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