I love life, I love to travel and I try to share my joy of being alive with those around me. I have a tendency to always see things in a positive light and I am rarely in a bad mood. I think that the secret of a happy life is to look forward to finding out what life has in store for us. Each day is a new start, a new chance to make our dreams come true and we should see each sunrise as a new opportunity!!

I have always liked the word "Joy" and so I decided to make a ring with it to remind me to always stay positive and full of life.

Joy is communicative and I have the feeling that with a word like "Joy" I spread a little more happiness around me…


I am never without my Thea ring and it is so light that I’m always checking to see that it is still on my finger. It’s very important to me because it was a gift but also because it was made in Belgium and I’m happy to wear a brand name.

I’ve been wearing it on my finger night and day for almost 2 years now and it hasn’t changed a bit!

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- Why did you choose Thea Jewelry?

I’ve known the brand for several years and have always liked it very much so my best friend had the great idea of giving me this ring for my 20th birthday! 


- Which metal did you choose? (gold, silver, silver gilt, etc.) and why?

My ring is in silver! I wear mainly silver jewelry and as this ring was destined to be worn every day, it was the obvious choice! 


- What made you fall for this piece of jewelry?

My best friend knew that I liked Thea Jewelry very much and was sure that one of your pieces would make me happy. And she was right ;)


- Lastly, do you have any other Thea jewelry on your wish list?

I think that my next Thea purchase will be a ring with my initial "M" in black diamonds! I would also like to buy myself some jewelry as a reminder of the trip to NYC where my best friend and I went for our 20th and 21st birthdays as well as for all our trips in general but I haven’t decided yet what type of jewelry to choose!


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