There are the names of our children who we think of each day.
And the names of the people we will miss forever.
There is a date that marks the start of a story.
And a date that always makes us smile.
There is the name of a town linked with our most treasured memories.
And the town of a first meeting.

At Thea Jewelry, we are convinced that words have power.
The power to bring strength, to comfort, encourage and, above all, to convey emotion.
This was our inspiration for the creation of the first brand of bespoke unique and ethical signature jewelry.
Jewelry that we keep close to us, like everyday allies.
What is our objective? To celebrate, every day, the words that symbolise your story.

Thea Jewelry, The power of words.


Classic, double or midi rings!


Classic necklaces...


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Classic !


Macrame in 6 colors 

Gift cards

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“ Every Jewel has a story ”

No sooner did have you in my arms than my life began to sparkkle. You were mine at long last, my precious stone! Just to have you close to me at all times, fou little letters - a unique piece, as exceptional as your name - like an ode to life, to love...

Yes for the whole of our livres. With our two names, Fred and Cris, written in gold wire and intertwined forever, we set the seal on our love. I wear us on my finger, just as you carry me in your heart and I carry in mine, as the symbol of our union, of that moment when we said yes to each other.

Time may be passing but I want to keep you close to me! Four figures - a date - to stop me forgetting you, and a heart to ensure I make the most of every moment and don"t let my head drop or stop fighting.

Time goes by... But I want to keep you with me! Four digits - a date - to keep me from forgetting you and one heart that reminds me to cherish every second and to prevent me from giving up without fighting...