Thea Jewelry x Memisa  

What wouldn’t we do for love ? 

Love, love, love

Isn’t love the source of all our actions, our choices, our decisions, our values ?

And you, what would you do for love ?

Let’s help me improve the lives of others, one love at a time.

I am lucky to have healthy children, an easy access to quality health care and developed infrastructures that literally save our lives. And my wish is to share this.

Memisa is an NGO that aims to improve the quality and access to health care for all in Congo, especially for moms and their babies.

As an ambassador for Memisa, I want to raise awareness of those lucky enough to have access to health care while helping those who do not. As a mother of three, I realize how essential things are not always available to all and I would like to offer this opportunity to poorer and more vulnerable families.

Carrying a message of love while supporting a cause that is important to me.



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Bracelet personnalisé en argent pierre blanche Thea Jewelry
Bague personnalisée en or et diamants Thea Jewelry
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Bague personnalisée en or Thea Jewelry