Today, I am Grateful

This year, more than ever, Thea wants to bring a feeling of gratitude into our homes and hearts. After 365 days of laughter, love, happiness, tears, twists and turns, let us be filled with gratitude before starting 2021.

Our muse, Lily Samii, has created a universal tool to spread happiness, to go on a journey of self-discovery and to bring joy and well-being to people wherever they are.

And when Thea and Lily share their ideas, it gives birth to a cocktail of gratitude for the whole month of December. This year, Thea and Lily have decided to offer The Gratitude List and a "Grateful" necklace, the ideal "Feel Good" combination to close out this year!

Ready To Wear - Thea Jewelry
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    The "Grateful" necklace is an invitation to bring a feeling of gratitude into our hearts before starting 2021. Let yourself be carried away by a superpower: Seeing life with a look filled with gratitude and optimism. Let's take a step back, make our biggest flaws our strongest learning, open our arms to change and let a feeling of gratitude transporting...

    $ 100,62
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    The Gratitude List is a journal where you can list daily all the things you are thankful for on a daily basis. Created by Lily Samii, it is a powerful tool to approach life positively. You can find lots of inspiring quotes as well as blank pages to let your emotions and inspiration run free.  It's the ideal tool to focus your energy on the positive and...

    $ 140,86


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