Collab Thea x Fringe and Frange  

Summertime Collection

"Summertime, the time of the year we look most forward to, the season for love and memory-making, tanned skin and lollygagging.

For me, Summertime sounds like this Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong ballad. Summer is the season I look most forward to, up to the point I would give away every other seasons for an everlasting summer, by travelling from one hemisphere to the other to make it last and never leave it.

Both as a child and as an adult, I’ve always loved summer. I was born with my feet in the sand, and we made the choice to offer this very lifestyle to our children, both of them happened to be born in August, so as you can see, summer is in our blood!

The time of friendship, love, starry nights, meals shared in the sun, discoveries, memory-making… We wear the most beautiful season on our wrist, around our necks and on our fingers, lest we forget that summer is never too far away… Marion, from Fringe and Frange "

Exclusively only for this collaboration, Thea creates the jewelry of Fringe & Frange in yellow vermeil. Usually, our vermeil is always pink, but the sun, the golden skin, the starry nights make us dream in yellow vermeil 5 microns for this collaboration.

Available in 48 hours- pre order available.

Ready To Wear - Thea Jewelry
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    22:22 Since I’m a little girl, I look out for this specific time on my watch.I’m more of a daytime girl rather than a night bird.However, on summer nights, when the sun takes a while to set, what I like most of all is enjoying the warm summer air as I await to fall asleep. I wait 22:22, the time at which anything is possible.22:22 is the time to...

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    Bohème’ has become something of a signature, not only to me, but also to women just like me who dream and live lives of adventures. A fringe in the eyes, a fedora on the head, tattoos that tell a story, a tribe to manage and long dresses floating in the wind. A ‘bohème’ necklace can be worn either with others, in accumulation, or proudly, on its own. It's...

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    Golden is all about tanned skin, the moon, the stars, dancing Pampas under the Southern sun, sand burning your feet, sunflowers on the side of the road, hair growing lighter because of summer, honey and its sugary taste… It’s also about the blessing of having all you’ve got, like daily love doses, sharing, smiles, life. I never take off my jewellery. I...

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