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Chakras are the energy centers of our body. The Sanskrit word "chakra" means "wheel" or "disc". Think of the chakras as wheels of energy that spin in different places along your spine. There are seven chakras that start at the base of your spine and move upward, ending with the seventh on the crown of your head. Each chakra has its own name, color, stones and crystals associated with it, and the energetic area it directs. It seemed natural to create a piece of jewelry that brings us back to the essential: the harmony of body and mind in the form of a medallion.

Each piece of jewelry can be personalized on the back of the pendant, engraved in the jewelry typography #TheaJewelry with 10 letters

We wished to give the entirety of the profits to "un petit bagage d'amour", an association helping pregnant women and mothers in great precariousness.

Ready To Wear - Thea Jewelry
  • $ 190,86

    *We are taking pre-orders until May 31, 2021. *This jewel is made of pink brushed vermeil with natural colored stones. *There are 2 chain lengths on the same necklace - 36 cm (choker) and 40 cm (regular size) *Choose YOUR word of max 10 letters that characterizes your world to engrave it in the THEA typeface on the back of the medal. (word to be inserted...

    $ 190,86

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Bracelet personnalisé en argent pierre blanche Thea Jewelry
Bague personnalisée en or et diamants Thea Jewelry
Stud personnalisé en vermeil pierres vertes Thea Jewelry
Bague personnalisée en or Thea Jewelry