Thea skin 

An ephemeral jewel...

Temporary tattoos are an attractive modern fashion, with which we can reflect your moods and send a variety of messages from one week to the next. Ornaments for the skin, maybe rock, cool or romantic, they can nuance a look and personalise your appearance.
Just like a jewel: Thea Jewelry!

This is why this jewellery brand had the playful idea of entertaining you and playing the temporary tattoo game, with two packs of instant application temporary tattoos; one with a "white gold" effect, and the other with a "pink gold" effect.

Each one has four words, four mantras that reveal your moods, your personal messages or your moments of madness.

Be Thea, for an evening, for a week, or for life, the decision is yours.

Get yours!

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Inspirez-vous des créations de nos clients

Bracelet personnalisé en argent pierre blanche Thea Jewelry
Bague personnalisée en or et diamants Thea Jewelry
Stud personnalisé en vermeil pierres vertes Thea Jewelry
Bague personnalisée en or Thea Jewelry